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This 50 piece working set is designed for massage therapists of any level. It’s everything you need to give a relaxing and effective hot stone massage. The set contains a mixture of stone sizes, including specialty stones for those hard to reach contours.


This set has been configured by experienced massage therapists and hand selected by highly trained staff. Each stone is thoroughly cleaned, sorted and paired for optimal performance. We use only certified basalt stones to ensure heat is adequately maintained.




8 spinal

8 large

8 medium

8 small

4 facial

8 toe

1 pillow/ neck

1 contour

2 trigger point

2 palm/ gluteal

Our stones are made from basalt – an igneous volcanic rock that is basically molten lava that has solidified under intense heat and pressure. Basalt is also known as ‘lava rock’ and can be any colour from grey to black.  Energetically, since basalt is formed from molten lava (once rock heated so much it was liquid) we believe that our basalt stones contain strength, fire and power.  Basalt stones also contain silica and oxygen in combined proportions. Minerals like magnesium and iron are also present in the stones. Basalt stones are extremely soft; they have a smooth surface and are free from roughness, making them an ideal tool for massage.


Learning more about the perfect stone to choose and the correct techniques to massage your clients with will enhance your treatments (and save your hands).  Plus, you get the energetic and healing benefits of working with these beautiful, powerful stones too!

Stone Kit