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How much do your courses cost? 

From 2023, ili ili Level 1 courses (2 full days) are $695 and ili ili Level 2 courses (1 day Remedial Toolbox / 1 day Pregnancy Toolbox) are $345 (with a $50 discount if attending both).

Payment options for Level 1: 

  • Full payment upfront: $695

  • Training with a friend: $660 each

  • AfterPay is available at checkout for all course options

  • Paying by instalments: 4 x $185 (must be finalised prior to course commencement)

For current course dates and locations, head to our  Workshops page

What is included in the training price?


You will receive:


  • Training which enables you to deliver a full body 2 hour hot stone treatment.

  • A training manual.

  • A certificate of competence.

  • Use of the ili ili name description.

Are stones provided? 

We'll provide stones to train with during the course.


What do you learn? 


During our Level 1 workshop (2 full days) your will learn:

  • History of stones

  • What makes a Hawaiian massage

  • Our method and philosophy

  • Stone heating, care, and maintenance

  • Cautions and contra-indications

  • Benefits of hot stone massage

  • Preparation of stones

  • Placement of stones 

  • Treatments for each part of the body (back, sides, front, legs, feet)

The 16 hours of training consists of approximately 4 hours of health science, 10 hours of hot stone massage practice, and 2 hours of competency assessments.

Our Level 2 Remedial Toolbox course (1 full day, eligible to attend if you have completed Level 1), includes: 

  • Learning and applying remedial techniques with hot stones as a tool or Instrument Assisted Soft tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) 

  • The past and present use of Instrument assistance in bodywork as a thumb/body saver

  • Hot stone massage as a unique edge to your existing practice

  • Cold stone techniques and combination hot/cold techniques 

  • Trainer's recommended techniques, honed over 20+ years as a therapist and based on current knowledge of pain science and treatment techniques

Our Level 2 Pregnancy Toolbox course is a one day workshop designed to expand the skillset of the ili stones  therapist by applying the ili ili hot stone massage techniques to your pregnant clients. Increase your skills and confidence by bringing your stone tools to the field of pregnancy and postpartum care. With over 20 years of experience with pre and postnatal care, the trainers will take you through the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy and teach you how to bring these safe and delicious techniques to your treatment table. 

How many CPE points will you earn?

Typically, professional associations allocate 1 CPE point per hour of course engagement, equating to a total of 16 hours over the weekend duration. Additionally, we provide participants with an academic transcript of competence. However, we advise individuals to consult their respective professional associations for specific policies. Furthermore, our accreditation with IICT enables participants to utilise our certificate for insurance purposes.

Why study with us? 

  • Accredited training provider (Platinum Level) with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

  • More than 20 years of clinical experience and 15+ years of teaching hot stone massage techniques

  • CPE qualified with most massage associations 

  • Qualified for public liability insurance

  • Small group training (normal capacity 6-12 people per course)

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Academic certificate and certificate of completion

  • Ongoing access to a refresher video after the course (one-time fee of $29)

Why is it necessary for me to undertake specific training in hot stone massage if I am a qualified massage/beauty therapist?


Training from a recognised provider is required to be adequately insured.


Can I perform massages straight after completing the course?


Yes. However we advise all of our clients to conform to ethical and professional standards. That means becoming a member of an association and obtaining indemnity insurance before massaging the public.

Is ili ili stones a recognised provider?


Ili ili stones is an accredited training provider (Platinum Level) with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.  You may wish to consider membership with this association to receive members benefit pricing on professional indemnity insurance with AON Risk Solutions Australia.  To find out more about membership and/or insurance, visit the IICT website. In addition, if you ask us to provide a certificate for the number of hours you trained with us this can be submitted with PME points to massage associations.

Is training with ili ili stones enough for me to be covered for liability insurance


Assuming you are a qualified massage/beauty therapist and your professional association and insurer recognises hot stone massage as a modality, then training with ili ili stones is adequate. We recommended checking with your individual association/insurer. You may also gain insurance as a paraprofessional with AON without a massage qualification.

Is the ili ili stones course Government accredited?


Ili ili stones training is a form of massage which is currently unrecognised by most traditional western medicines. Ili ili stones training focuses on personal development to facilitate your healing skills as a practitioner, rather than a formal qualification like Certificate IV. Having said that, you will receive a certificate of competency which allows you to practice as a hot stone massage therapist (provided you are properly insured). 

Can I register with the major health funds?


Since the introduction of the National Training Package system and the amalgamation of many of the massage associations, the criteria for massage association membership and insurance has changed. To obtain a provider number from most health insurance companies a two year Diploma of Remedial Massage is required.


Will I get a certificate?


Yes. After completing the training you will be issued with a certificate and academic transcript noting your hours of training.


Do I need experience?


No. Our teaching method includes a demonstration and practice session format with a high level of teacher support which works for all levels of experience.


What is your cancellation policy?

  • If a course is cancelled by ili ili stones (e.g. due to insufficient numbers / illness / state-mandated lockdowns) or changes need to be made that are not suitable to you (e.g. new venue), you will be offered a choice between a full refund or a transfer to another course. We will inform you of cancellations at least a week prior to the course.

  • If you cancel your booking, at any time, a $100 administration fee applies for Level 1 and $50 for Level 2.

  • Bookings that are cancelled within 7 days of our scheduled course date are non-refundable unless we are able to fill your vacancy (which we will endeavour to do). Should we be able to fill your place, we will only retain our usual administration fees.

  • Should you decide to transfer your booking to a future course (pending availability), a $50 administration fee applies - we will send an invoice prior to securing and finalising your future booking.

  • No-shows and same day cancellations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Any refunds will be processed to the credit card that was used to pay for the course.

  • Also note: Please do not book non-refundable travel or accommodation well in advance – or check to make sure that the course is definitely going ahead prior to doing so. Ili ili stones is in no way responsible for any additional costs that may have been incurred as a part of your participation in the course (travel, accommodation, meals, etc).

How can I find out more?


Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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