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Sue Lee

Sue Lee Ili Ili Stones Preston

Founder Sue Lee is our lead hot stone therapy facilitator. As a leading trainer, Sue teaches the ili ili stones method to clients across Melbourne and throughout Australia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Science (Homeopathy) and a Diploma of Education and Diploma of Shiatsu 


Sue has a background in remedial and ka huna massage therapy, having completed all 7 levels of ka huna massage training as taught by the Mettes Institute. In 2004 Sue became a trainer in Hawaiian massage.


Sue has also extended her knowledge with Nancy Kahalewai – one of the main teachers from the Big Island – taught Sue Lomi Lomi Spa techniques in 2007. Sue extended her knowledge of Hawaiian culture and healing concepts with the guidance of Aunty Mahealani.


Sue is known for her down to earth, caring attitude and her passion for sharing knowledge. She runs Mana Heath Practice in Melbourne, bookings for treatments can be made through

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